Weifang is the city of China where currently more than 9 million people are getting facilitated with the advanced services. Weifang is the heart of China. It is one of the most populated cities in China. The city is located in central Shandong province and shares its borders with Dongying, Zibo, Linyi, and Qingdao. In total, Weifang has numerous natural and historic sites. It also has huge buildings, developed parks, and many tourist attractions. One of its commonly visited sites is Shihu Garden. 

Getting deeper, we find out that Weifang has a warm and temperate climate. The rain precipitation in Weifang is better in Summer than Winter. The average calculated temperature of Weifang is 12℃, which is surely moderate and enjoyable. Still, you can visit Weifang for tourism whenever you want. Moreover, transportation in Weifang is just amazing. Fast-moving vehicles keep on roaming on the road the whole day. Even public transport vehicles like buses and taxis are cheap and provide quick service.

Medical Structure

Weifang is home of the medical structure of China. Hospitals, clinics, and medical centers are located all over the city. Indeed, it is the most visited city in China for medical tourism with a lot of medical universities. All hospitals and medical clinics are fully certified and nationally accredited. A few of them also have the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation. Having a JCI accreditation is a great achievement for a hospital. To earn it, you must provide quality medical treatment services and a very hygienic environment. Some great medical centers in Weifang are listed below:

  • Weifang People’s Hospital
  • Affiliated Hospital of Weifang Medical University
  • Weifang Yidu Central Hospital
  • Branch of Weifang Chinese Medicine Hospital
  • Weifang Tongqi Hospital
  • Weifang Jiaotang Central Hospital
  • Weifang Shili Hospital
  • Weifang Hengtai Rehabilitation Hospital

Tourist Attractions

It doesn’t’ matter if you are visiting Weifang for a few days or for summer vacations, it is sure that you wouldn’t get bored there even for a moment. Weifang offers some new sceneries to its tourists. The city is a historical place and has many museums, historical buildings, and touring destinations. Among top-rated tourist attractions, many are free to visit. You only need convenience to reach there. In fact, handpicked tours, day trips, and excursions in Weifang will make your tour comfortable and enjoying. Some best places to visit in Weifang are:

  • Shihu Garden
  • Fuhua Amusement Park
  • Weifang Jinbao Amusement Park
  • Weifang Medical University 
  • Weifang Museum
  • Kite Museum
  • Bailang Oasis Wetland Park
  • Weifang Shihuyuan Garden
  • Yangjiabu Folk Culture Village.

Restaurants in Weifang

To taste delicious meals and vessels in Weifang in the lunch and dinner, you can choose any of the following restaurants mentioned below:

  • Shangri Restaurant
  • Weifang Noodle Restaurant
  • Television Restaurant
  • WaiPo Qiao Zhou
  • Pizza Hut (TaiHua)
  • Ajisen Ramen
  • ChuanJun Jiu Cun