AAA Medical Escorts LLC specialize in international medical transportation and provide the commercial medical escort service for international patients in main. They took the initiative of air ambulance flight transportation to minimize the costly transportation for patients. Keeping this in mind, they have accompanied highly experienced and qualified medical personnel to deal with patient care. And they have well succeeded.

Business Class Patient Trip

In business class patient transfer, the patients are carried from one place to another with a qualified paramedic, nurses, and physicians( if required). This staff deal patients with great care either they travel through domestic or international transportation. They make all the necessary arrangements for the patient and their attendants.

 In any serious medical emergency, only oxygen can be administered. No more oxygen tanks are permitted on the commercial airlines due to safety reasons. Whereas, commercial stretcher service is available for international designations.

Cruise Escorts For Patients

 Along with airline escorts, they also render cruise escorts services. These services are for those patients who could not enjoy the cruise journey due to unfortunate medical conditions. They ensure the excursions to be medically safe for patients with all necessary arrangements like oxygen, wheelchair, electric wheelchairs, hospital-style beds etc.

Medical Repatriation Services for Patients

 Although repatriation is a time-consuming task, AAA Medica Escorts make things easier for all patients and their families. They contact with U.S State Department or Foreign Embassies for a safe transfer of patient back to their own country. They are partnered with Global Patient Transfer and offer preferred and discounted services to global patient clients’ and their families. So that you deal with the patient and get free from other documentation etc headaches.

Transport Security Administration (TSA)

 They focus on security for international and domestic patient travel and make sure that every medical escort flight goes smoothly without any hassle. Their familiarity with local customs and security makes TSA possible for them. If you want to acquire these services then submit the following patient information to Global Patient Transfer and rest leave on them.

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Height and weight of the patient

  • Reason for transport

  • Date & location of transport etc.

HIPPA Guidelines

With an experience of 20 years in the medical field and 10 years in transporting patients on a commercial and private level, they strictly follow the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act )guidelines.

24 Hours / 7 Days A Week Service

They are available 24/ 7 service to meet the emergency requirement or medical assistance of patients. Rest assured, that you are dealing with the experienced and medically trained professionals who have the first-hand knowledge of airlines, airports, and security all over the world. Get their service for a safe, reliable and top-class patient journey.