Ankara is the capital of a sprawling country. A country, which is famous all over the world for its rich history and amazing beauty. Ankara is a populous city. Currently,  5 million people are living in the city and availing of its remarkable services. Since the country has a very clean, infection-free, and hygienic environment, that is why the city is free from various viral infectious diseases. And hence, the life expectancy in Ankara is much better than in other cities. Indeed, Ankara is the most developed city of turkey with an advanced transport system and healthcare structure. Not only this but the city is also the main tourist attraction in Turkey. As it is the capital of turkey, therefore, the GDP rate of Ankara is mind-blowing.

A bad thing about the city is that it is located in one of the driest places in Turkey. Therefore, the amount of rainfall in Ankara is very low. It almost doesn’t rain at all in the city. Moreover, due to its location, the temperature is usually warm and temperate. But it doesn’t affect its natural beauty. The weather is always clear and great to enjoy vacations.

Best Hospitals

As described earlier, the city has a great healthcare structure. For the smooth working of this medical system, the country introduces clinics, hospitals, and medical centers that are nationally and internationally accredited. These hospitals and clinics etc. provide a complete infection-free environment with international standard medical services at affordable prices. A list of some great hospitals and medical centers located in Ankara is as follows:

  • Ankara University Cebeci Hospital
  • Sanatoryum Hastanesi
  • Akrpol Hastanesi
  • Ankara Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesi
  • Ankara Meslek Hastaliklari Hastanesi
  • Cardio Check
  • Bayindir Hospital

Tourist Attractions

Ankara is partly situated in the region of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Central Anatolia. Therefore, it has a great capability of offering some wonderful and charming tourist attractions for international tourists. Ankara is not only the capital city of Turkey but also its province. It has rich historical places, landmarks, and Turkish tradition & culture. Moreover, the weather in Ankara is always dry. So the chances of rain are minimal. You can visit the following places in the city:

  • Lake Eymir
  • Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo
  • Genclik Park
  • Atakule
  • Aqua Vega Aquarium
  • Ankamall Alisveris Merkezi
  • Ankara Citadel
  • Hamamonu Restored Area
  • Ethnography Museum of Ankara
  • Kocatepe Mosque

Restaurants and Cafe

If you feel hungry and have no one to cook food, you can follow up on these restaurants or cafes for a delicious dinner.  The food services at restaurants of Ankara are mind-blowing. Some famous cafes and restaurants in the city are as follows:

  • Louise Cafe Brasserie & Loft
  • La Gioia
  • Kirit Cafe
  • Relic Coffe House
  • Trilye Restaurant 
  • Gunadiyan Kebap Restaurant
  • Meymenet Meyhane