Slovenia is a country of hilly mountains, beautiful resorts, parks, and lakes, etc. Slovenia is a country located in Central Europe with an estimated population of about 3 million people. The country is bordered with Iraq, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia that are also serving as the main countries for Slovenia’s export. From these and other few countries, thousands of international patients and tourists visit Slovenia throughout the year. It is because the people living in Slovenia are very kind and friendly.

With Ljubljana as its capital and the largest city, the country is famous all over the world for medical and international tourism. It’s a place where you are free to go your own way. Most of the people living there speak Slovenian, Italian, and Hungarian and use Euro Currency to buy and sell goods.  Getting deeper, we find an amusing culture of the country full of musical concerts, art exhibitions, and many annual events. You wouldn’t get bored at any time of the day if you visit Slovenia.


Being a large and mountainy country, Slovenia has a cold climate. The climate of the west is totally different from the east of the country. Different large cities have a different type of climate and temperature. In the western plain, the average weather ranges from 4-7 Degrees Celsius. While in Ljubljana the temperature keeps around 0-3 Degrees Celsius in Winters and 20-24 Degrees Celsius in Summer. So, the best time to visit Slovenia runs from June to September when the weather is very pleasant and impressive.  Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes and hats etc. before traveling to this cold-weather outstanding country.


Yeah, before traveling to Slovenia, you will surely be worried about getting around the country. But after visiting, this worry will be ended at all. Thousands of people travel from one place to another using the public transport service. The best and most commonly used mean of transportation used in Slovenia is bus service. Other means include Trains, Renting a Car, and taxies, etc. if you are carrying heavy luggage and want a private journey, then taxi is the best choice. Furthermore, the country also has several airports. Some are listed below:

  • Postojna Airport
  • Velenje Airport
  • Slovenj Gradec Airport
  • Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport
  • Portoroz Airport
  • Murska Sobota Airport

Main Hospitals

Slovenia is famous for medical tourism throughout the world. And why shouldn’t it be? As the country has many clinics, medical centers, and hospitals that are using cutting edge technology to treat their patients. Eye Surgery is very common there at a relatively low cost. Most of the hospitals are also accredited internationally by the Joint Commission International. That’s why the per capita rate of medical tourism in Slovenia is quite satisfying. Here are some of the best hospitals in Slovenia:

  • Institute of Oncology Ljubljana
  • University Clinic Golnik
  • Univerzitetni Klinicni Center Maribor
  • General Hospital Celje
  • Pediatric Kliniko V Ljubljana
  • Morela Okulisti Center for Eye Surgery
  • Bolnisnica Topolsica
  • Psihiatricna Bolnisnica Ormoz
  • Jz Psihiatricna Bolnisnica Vojnik

Tourist Destinations

The quality and feature of Slovenia don’t end in the field of health and transportation. In fact, the country is also famous for international tourism in Europe. Thousands of international visitors tour the country and enjoy their precious holidays. You can have a comfortable stay in the country along with delicious food services. If you also want to visit this charming and pleasant country with ease, just contact the Global Patient Transfer team without any hesitation. Some of the best tourist’s destinations in Slovenia are as follows:

  • Predjama Castle
  • Postojona Cave
  • Lake Bled
  • Franja Partisan Hospital
  • Lipica Stud Farm
  • Triglav National Park
  • Mercury Mine Idjira
  • Ljubljana Castle
  • The Oldest Vine In the World
  • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • UK hospitals, Kobarid Museum
  • Planica Nordic Center
  • Solkan Bridge

After getting complete treatment and rehabilitation from the main hospitals , you may visit these beautiful places.